Pie Pillow

Do you have sweet tooth as well? Are you dreaming about sweets day and night? This is something for you: a Pie Pillow!

* photo by Grietje Ost, dress by Lovely Mariquita

From now on there is a pie that you can truly enjoy (without any calories ;D).

Let me present to you 6 standard models. You can choose from those, or make your own, fully customized pie. Pimp your pillow!

The pillow is washable, has a zipper and it's easy to keep clean. You can take the cover off the filling and wash it at a low temperature (30°).

Size:   height:  20cm, diameter:  31cm
Price:  depends on the model

   1. First Kiss Pie   

  2. Falling in Love Pie  

  3. Queen of Kindness & Goodness 

  4. Sweet & Sour Affair   

  5. New Zealand Delight   

  6. Marshmallow Mermaid   

Pimp your pillow!
And now it's simple :D

Step 1) Choose 1 of the 3 bases.

Step 2) Choose the colours for your top, middle, bottom and cream.

Step 3) Add your little details.









     small pearls:




    big pearls:

          And voila! There is a pillow that will fit your interior! :D

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